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Vaping and Teens

'Drug Slang' That Parents Should Know

  •  Download and print "'Drug Slang' That Parents Should Know" [PDF 33KB]
  • Parents keep asking "what does '420' mean?" Do you know? The origins of 420 are disputed, but the meaning is clear-it is a code for marijuana use, seen on T-shirts, posters, heard on the radio, and even in the names of local smoke shops, paraphernalia stores formerly called head shops. Sometimes 420 is used as a time of day reference, and sometimes as a date. Parents should be especially aware that April 20th is the stoners' (marijuana users) holiday, so make an extra effort to keep tabs on your kids on 4/20 each year, when students may try to cut class.

    420 is just one example of current teen drug slang. Knowing the drug lingo is an important parenting strategy for intervening in destructive and unhealthy choice making by teens.

    Your teen's T-shirt can be a warning sign. One San Diego mom was suspicious about the phrase Wake & Bake on her son's new T-shirt. Her quick Google search informed her that Wake 'n Bake means to smoke marijuana first thing in the morning. She confiscated the T-shirt and complained to the store that sold it.

    Here are some other street terms you should know:

    • E-cigarettes and Vapor Pens: E-cig, E-juice, E-liquid, Vapes, Juice, Smoke Juice, Mods, PV (Personal Vaporizer), Ego
    • Cocaine: snow, dust, candy, devil's dandruff, Coke.
    • Marijuana: weed and herb, are now more common than pot, grass, or Mary Jane. A "date with Mary Jane" is a plan to use. Dank is sometimes used as an adjective-"a dank day." Blunt is marijuana inside a cigar, or marijuana rolled larger than a cigarette (called a joint). Baked, stoned, high all describe being under the influence of marijuana. Blast means to smoke marijuana or cocaine. Blasted or lit means under the influence of drugs.
    • Methamphetamine: crystal, crank, ice, and speed are most common, but there are more than 170 different street terms.
    • MDMA: ecstasy, E, X, XTC, Adam, rolls. Ecstasy used with Viagra is sexstasy.
    • Mushrooms (psilocybin): shrooms, caps.
    • Salvia Divinorum: Diviner's sage, Maria Pastora, Ska Maria Pastora, Sage of Seers. This powerful hallucinogen warrants special concern by parents because it can be bought legally.
    • Oxycontin: O's, Ox, 40's, 80's, hillybilly heroin, cotton, kicker.
    • Pharming: use of a pharmaceutical drug not prescribed to you, sometimes mixing pills, sometimes called beans. Watch for DXM in cough and cold medicines.
    • Vicodin: Vikes.
    • Zoinked: drugged to the point of uselessness.

    You can find a 'drug slang' list at