San Dieguito Alliance For Drug Free Youth
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San Dieguito Alliance for Drug Free Youth

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Del Mar, CA 92014

Teen Presenters

Click here to download the application with QR code for additional information. (PDF)

TEEN PRESENTERS is a program for high school seniors who have always been alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drug free. Each fall during Red Ribbon Week, TEEN PRESENTERS from Canyon Crest Academy, La Costa Canyon, San Dieguito Academy, Sunset and Torrey Pines High Schools speak primarily to elementary and middle school students. These ethnically diverse teens are trained by San Dieguito Alliance to present in a panel format their choice to be drug free, why they made the choice and how it has contributed to their success in accomplishing their goals.

TEEN PRESENTERS sign a pledge that they have remained alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drug-free throughout their school years. Many of the teens return to their elementary schools where they first received our challenge to be a TEEN PRESENTER when they became seniors…a very exciting presentation for both young and old students.

Requirements for a TEEN PRESENTER

  • Have always been alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drug free
  • Be available several hours a week during school time in October
  • Be willing to share the value of a drug free life
  • Be looking for a great community service activity for that college or scholarship application

Teen Presenter Training Dates for 2023 will be determined in early September, 2023. Details to be announced.

Lunch will be served by San Dieguito Alliance at all trainings.