San Dieguito Alliance For Drug Free Youth
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San Dieguito Alliance for Drug Free Youth

PO Box 2448
Del Mar, CA 92014

San Dieguito Youth Partnership

San Dieguito Youth Partnership is a San Diego County Youth Leadership Project funded by Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Grant of California. The Youth Leadership Project is designed to strengthen the youth driven alcohol and other drug prevention efforts throughout the county. San Dieguito Youth Partnership, one of 6 youth groups in San Diego County, is led by San Dieguito Alliance.

The groups consist of high school students who meet monthly to combat the influences of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drugs. Their goals are to educate their peers, community and civic leaders on the dangers of underage drinking, smoking and drug use. The teens recognize the dangers of the high-risk behavior that accompanies drinking and drug use. Through speaking out about these issues the teens hope to make a differences in their school and community.

One of the group's objectives is to reduce the problem of youth access and availability to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The group has worked together with local merchants and law enforcement to eliminate the sale and marketing of alcohol and tobacco to minors. Another objective is to pass a city ordinance banning smoke-shop where drug paraphernalia is sold. These stores send mixed messages to our kids about drugs.