San Dieguito Alliance For Drug Free Youth
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San Dieguito Alliance for Drug Free Youth

PO Box 2448
Del Mar, CA 92014


Changers is a Latino youth outreach program whose goals are to assist Latino youth to stay in school, out of gangs, and off alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Changers teens meet monthly to plan community service and leadership trainings. The teens receive academic assistance, health care referrals and transportation and adult mentoring.

Changers also educates and supports Latino families in their efforts to communicate with the societal systems that influence their children’s lives: schools, community organizations, health services, athletics, work and law enforcement. Changers prepares youth for work through vocational training, and for college through visits to colleges, job mentoring and help with work, college and scholarship applications. Latino youth and their families also are encouraged by Changers to improve their neighborhoods and participate in the civic process.